Beli Sullivan is an outstanding Final Cut editor and a gifted multi-media artist. She understands the program and applies its multiple applications with speed, accuracy, and forward-thinking creativity. During the last few years, I have hired Beli for my own film editing and sound design projects, as well as for my employer, who also loved the results. Beli\\\'s work is not only superior and highly creative, but she is reasonably priced and refuses to submit anything less than her very best, ensuring a professional product that gets results. Do yourself a favor and hire Beli. You won\\\'t regret it.

Very well done Beli! I'm impressed with your depth of experiences.

wow! infinite possibilities!. glad we will be working together!

Is there more of Hands Across Time? Love it..

I love all your works. I especially like the video at the baseball game. Clever it is. They all are unique. Too short but shows your worth.

Great work, so informative, inspiring, timely. Wow! I just want to see more. Much Peace.

Love all the clips... too short I want to see more....

Love your site and your work.

I stopped by to explore and view Your excellent work. I see that You are incredible at what you do. I am all Smiles! ®Reece Enterprises

I love the sound design reel. Well thought out transitions. The images throughout all of your reels have a Matisse feel to them. They are very consuming, intense and captivating.

This site is awesome! Tabari & Hasani

Loving your creativity Beli! I especially loved the Sound Design. I am definitely a Sci Fi, Outer Limits enthusiast! And, the messages in that piece speak to me. Wonderful. Thank you.

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!

Wonderful website and AWESOME work. I am a photographer and I am in awe of your eye, your skill and your gift. {applause, applause}

Great viewing! Keep doing wonderful works!!!

This site is gorgeous! I am in awe of your unique combination of skills, talents and inspiration. Thank you for all you are doing and being in this world! la

I love the first Ned episode!!!! The music is so magically sweet :-))) More, please! Big Ups and Big Hugs!

Your art and video work are too special a gift to describe or measured. Thank you!