I work with Photoshop, After Effects, Apple Motion, FCPX and Premiere as a digital media artist with an emphasis on creating beautiful 2D and 3D animated composites in thick, rich colors and blended textures. I am currently working as an Artist in Residence within the OUSD school system.

I am first and foremost a storyteller. I approach the art of visual construction with the goal being to tell a good, solid and compelling story. I'd love to partner with you to create motion media images that give a clear and meaningful visual voice to the ideas and issues that impact us all. Should you desire customized content or if you have a creative concept which needs expanding, I will work with you, utilizing a fun and imaginative twist to help transform your project images into the motion works of art that you envision. For more information e-mail me direct at belicreates@gmail.com.

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